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Festival of contact improvisation


with Aramo Olaya, Astrid Lejeune, Catherine Kych, Hadar Geva

July 13 – 19th 2024 – Camaret-sur-mer, France

> Timetable

There will be mornings to enjoy the joys of summer in Brittany (beach, walks, visits, lazing around, picnics…), early afternoons to meet the guest teachers’ worlds, afternoons to unfold and weave together our curiosities during labs, and evenings to jam joyfully! This year we’re moving to Camaret-sur-mer, on the Crozon peninsula. We’ll be in the gymnasium, just opposite the municipal campsite, a 10-minute walk from various beaches and a 15-minute walk from the port and center of Camaret. In short, everything will be within walking distance, if you’re staying in this area!…

Mornings and lunches: program to be invented, but outside the studio in any case.

1 pm – 4 pm: Workshop. Each day, a pair of teachers will propose a subject to explore, in line with the week’s theme (see below).

4.15 pm – 6.15 pm: This space will be dedicated to facilitated labs. Here, we’ll question the experiences we’ve gone through in the workshops and jams, unfolding them and articulating them with one another. We’ll give them time to bear fruit and become part of our personal and collective inner landscapes. The facilitators will create a comfortable, stimulating and creative space for co-research. Everyone can make their own path, follow someone else’s, invent a new one together, or take time to contemplate the landscape of the moment…

6:15 pm – 7:30 pm: Meals (self-catered)

7.30 pm – 10.30 pm: Jams


On Saturday, July 13, to give you time to settle in from your far-flung lands, we’ll be meeting up from 5pm (for an opening circle at 5:30pm), followed by a shared meal and a jam until 10:30pm.

On Friday, July 19, the day will start and finish earlier, allowing us to include a time of collective tidying and cleaning.

Note: Accommodation and meals are self-managed.

+ Sensitive cartophony (all along the festival)

Marion Sbriglio will set up two sound devices so that other languages, woven from voices, words and space, can accompany the dances. The first will consist in the broadcasting of short readings of texts that approach space from a geographical perspective, as listening points imagined to create other resonances with movement. The second will enable participants to create a trace of their dance, by recording and sharing the words that emerge from their dance.

> Text of intention :

in process …

> Teaching team :

Aramo Olaya [ESP/US] (they/them). I studied contact improvisation with Cristiane Boullosa and Diana Bonilla at EspacioFCI, a long term CI training program in Madrid. I’m part of the ISSC, the Institute for the Study of Somatic Communication, created by Nita Little. I’m currently doing a PhD in Performance Studies at the University of California Davis, where I also teach CI and postmodern dance. I understand CI as a movement and touch language that deals with complexity, intimacy, and embodied knowledge. I’m especially interested in energetic approaches to CI that are informed by queer practices, including queer sexualities and identities, and the possibilities of CI to broaden perspectives on somatic consensus and co-sense making. I consider CI as a language that can move through and beyond violence, the word, and the non-human. I’m also a queer science fiction writer whose worlds revolve around post-apocalyptic practices of dance and touch anarchist utopia.

© Maryline Jacques

Astrid Lejeune [FR] has co-founded the « Compagnie Du Haut » with her sister in 2015: a joyful space for research and creation in which they like to take dance to places where it is not expected, blurring the boundaries between dance and everyday life. She has been involved in the practice of improvisation for about fifteen years, particularly Contact Improvisation (I. Üski, M. Gaudeau, S. Auberville, N. Stark Smith, N. Little…) which has changed her relationship to the body and movement by reshaping them from the perspective of relationship and touch. Since 2017, Astrid has been training in somatic practices (D. U. of Somatic Education Practice in Lyon 2018/ Labo du F.A.R. in Paris 2019 / S.P.P (fasciatherapy) training in Clermont Ferrand 2022). Curious about martial practices, its sensitive and chaotic spaces of struggle as well as its emotional resonances, she has been initiating herself into Systema since 2020.


  Catherine Kych [FR] has been dancing for nearly thirty-five years now. Classical dance is her common thread, but as keeping searching spaces of freedom, play and sharing, she plunged into contact improvisation in 2007. She got enthusiastic about this non-normative practice, which offered the possibility of meeting ‘others’ – first through touch and movement, and then through words – and building and unbuilding the world with them. As she moved forward, she acquired a range of tools to deepen her dance and support practices : a training course in « Dance and Movement Therapy » (using, in particular, the tools of « perceptive psychopedagogy » and fasciatherapy developed by Danis Bois), a University Degree (D.U.) in « Dance and Somatic Education » from Paris VIII, and a training course in « Explicitation Interview », which turned out to be the tool she needed to help dancers put their experience into words. Since then, she has been an active member of GREX (www.grex2.com), the research group on explicitation founded by Pierre Vermersch. Her practical and theoretical knowledge of attention – particularly in meditative practices – has more recently been supplemented by a University Degree (D.U.) in « Medicine, meditation and neurosciences » from the University of Strasbourg. Most recently, Catherine has been trained in Ericksonian hypnosis, in an attempt to gain a better understanding of the links between imagination, perception, language and relationships, and the way in which they influence the mechanisms of creation, learning and change.  
Hadar Geva [Israël] teacher, dancer et choreograph. 

For many years the center of my interest is contact improvisation. An enthusiastic practitioner for over a decade and has been teaching for the past 6 years and is a member of the management team of the Israeli contact association.

Today, my main occupation is teaching dance from the ages of 2-60. in different schools and settings. In my training I have a bachelor’s degree in behavioral sciences and an additional degree in dance and dance pedagogy.

I draw inspiration and support from various practices such as: Axis Syllabus, yoga, gaga, floor work and contemporary dance.

In the CI dance i found the perfect combination of my couriesties. the human body the anatomic structure and movement throw somatic and mind work. The ci dance, the meeting with other body gives me so much information about presence, patterns and state through this journey called life.

The rest of the team :

« Sensitive cartophony » (see above)

Driven by the political issue of the feeling and the knowledge that flows from it, Marion Sbriglio investigates, since 2021, as part of a geography PhD, the way in which words can describe, signify and shape the sensitive experience of those who speak, dance and improvise in situ, in relation to others and to their environments.
At the same time, she/they teaches environmental aesthetics at undergraduate level, which is sometimes an opportunity to share one of her favorite practices: wandering, from wastelands to large reliefs and small paths that unfold and resonate close to her feet, her cochleas and the rest of her pores.
After an initial classical training in flute at the conservatory in Chambéry, she/they returned to sound practices and encountered dance, through improvisation and deep listening between Lyon, Paris and Grenoble. Between public space and studio, the recent immersion into CI and Tai Chi gives her river a second breath.


Aude Fondard, aka Oddinmotion, is a poet in movement, moved by Butoh dance and Contact Improvisation. They trained in acting in London, later in contemporary dance in Sydney and Berlin, Aude performed with some outdoor art companies (Accords Ouverts, Parquet Nomade and Contact CompanI) and, since 2008, has translated a number of essays and art books (published by Contredanse, Taschen, RMN, Benteli). Travelling, wandering, the in-between and respect of the being are subjects close to their heart, what is now close to the buzzword ecofeminism and non duality. Aude launched Cie Amako! in 2020 to produce multilingual poetic performances and offer butoh dance and contact improvisation workshops in Marseilles. They draw inspiration from Release Technique, the invisible, the unspoken, space-between, Rakesh Sukesh, Kirstie Simpson, Nita Little, Alicia Grayson, Atsushi Takenouchi, Yumiko Yoshioka and Minako Seki. They take part in Oh ma Parole since 2022, an event in Marseilles celebrating storytelling and poetry in the public space.


Liselotte Singer works in the fields of somatic practices, improvisation and creation in contemporary dance. She graduated with a degree in « Dance, Context, Choreography », HZT, Berlin where she lived between 2012 and 2021, and holds a Master’s degree in Dance from Paris 8 University (2023). Besides her work as a choreographer (with Marc Phillip Gabriel, Yas Lammler…), assistant (for Barbara Berti until 2019) and performer (amongst other for Tino Sehgal and Mathilde Monfreux), she also makes a point of creating collective spaces of research in her work, notably by organising regular open mouvement training within the collective la Mèche in Marseille (where she now lives) and by initiating a research group in Contact Improvisation with 6 friends. Seeking to develop a social and ethical commitment in her practice, since 2022 she has been transmitting Yoga and CI to a wide audience, and training with l’Omphale (Catherine Hossenlop) in biodynamic craniosacral therapy, a non intrusive form of osteopathy oriented towards trauma resolution.

> Pratictal informations


  • Prices:

– Until May 14th 2024 : 240€ normal rate260€ support rate (to support reduced rate) / 220€ reduced rate – From May 14th : sigle rate for everyone 260€

Cancellation policy: In case of cancellation by you before June 13th, 2024, half the amount paid will be refunded. In case of cancellation after June 13th, 2024, no refund will be made.


  • Location (marked with a red dot on the map) : Salle de sport 1B avenue de Busum 29570 Camaret-sur-mer – GPS coordinates

  • To get organized, a closed FB group : once you’ve registered, you’ll be able to look for other participants before the event to share accommodation or transport. And during the event, this will be the place to share your program (dancing at the beach, hiking along the customs paths, lunch at a crêperie, etc.).

    > Download the summary of accommodation, transport, markets, places to visit, etc. in the region! -> doc info pratico pratique AU BOUT DU MONDE 13 au 19 Juillet 2024 Camaret-sur-Mer version billingue

crédit photo : Maryline Jacques & Sarah Chauliaguet